Homes Cleaning & Disinfectant


Every household members can practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (for example: tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, and electronics with household cleaners and eco-friendly disinfectants. Cleaning with soap and hot water removes dirt and grime and gets rid of some germs. It's usually enough for many surfaces. Disinfection with silver blended Hydrogen Peroxide is an effective disinfectant for households.

One should take precaution while applying the product, such as wearing gloves and making sure you have good ventilation during use of the product.

  • Usage Direction for Surface Disinfection: Use in 1:20 ratio i.e. 50 ml of Silverox 150 in 950 ml of water to make a solution of 1000 ml or use Silverox 005 directly.
  • Usage Direction for Spraying: Use in 1:4 ratio i.e. 200 ml of Silverox 150 in 800 ml of water to make a solution of 1000 ml.