Facilities/Offices, Hotel and Public Places

Facilities/Offices, Hotel and Public Places

The purpose of routine or targeted disinfection of inanimate surfaces is the killing or irreversible inactivation of pathogens to an extent which prevents subsequent infection transmission. Silverox being an oxidizer has an advantage of faster disinfection with small downtime or contact time, it is more readily biodegradable and breaks down into water and oxygen.

It is vital that every offices, Hotels, public places, organization in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical research organizations prioritize investment in a whole room disinfection solution that will achieve the highest possible kill rate in a uniform way throughout. Many popular solutions lack the efficiency and efficacy required to kill infectious materials in complex hospital environments.

From schools, colleges, cafeterias to playrooms, bathrooms, and classrooms where children and staffs spend most of their days, the school is filled with countless spaces and places in need of an effective school disinfectant. Silverox helps in the comprehensive disinfecting of the whole rooms from the pathogens.

Surface disinfection includes surface cleaning, mopping, spraying and fogging.

  • Usage Direction for Surface Disinfection: Use in 1:20 ratio i.e. 50 ml of Silverox 150 in 950 ml of water to make a solution of 1000 ml or use Silverox 005 directly.